About Me

My name is Mark Charles. I am a psychologist licensed in California with a private practice located in Cathedral City, CA. I offer private pay (rather than accepting insurance) mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults. I moved here from the midwest to escape the terribly long winters.  I guess you could say that I went from the freezer to the frying pan.  Do you EVER get used to the summer heat?

With Whom I Work....And On What

I would love to say that I can help everybody and anyone with anything, but that would be misleading and a disservice.  Based on my education, training, and past work history, I tend to focus on folks 8yrs and older (children to adults) who are dealing with:




While these are my “specialty areas” so to speak, I have worked successfully as well on related challenges, such as self-esteem issues, developing more effective and healthy coping skills, making difficult life transitions, and dealing with grief and loss.

How I Work

I cannot for sure say that I have “walked in your shoes”, but I certainly have more than a few things in common with my clients. This might explain why clients do find me relatable, understanding, empathic, and non-judgmental. I work hard at creating an open and accepting environment, because in order to share your thoughts and feelings  you needy to feel comfortable and safe. I have been on the receiving end of services where I was extremely guarded and so careful about what I said for fear of judgment and criticism. I don’t want my clients to ever feel this way.

The research out there on why people improve through therapy consistently concludes that one of the most important factors is the client/therapist relationship. It tends not to matter whether the therapist is trained in “X” or uses the techniques of “Y &Z”, there is little gained unless a strong alliance with your client is developed. In a nutshell, I focus on creating a working relationship where you will feel accepted, respected, and heard. The working relationship also allows you to tell me if you aren’t feeling accepted, respected, and heard.

In case you wondered about my credentials, I am legit.  California License: PSY 30407.

I earned my Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and completed an APA Approved Internship in Louisville, KY at Seven Counties Services (Now called Centerstone I believe).