Mindfulness Groups

A Mindfulness Orientation for Enhanced Focus Optimization (MOE-FO)

 Cat City Psychotherapy Corp. will soon be starting a handful of small mindfulness groups. The 6 session groups, with a cap of 5 participants, will provide a basic foundation for retraining your mind in this important skill/way of being. Join a group now and see how this ancient practice is capable of reducing stress and depression, while also improving mood and concentration.  The six week group is offered at a affordable fee of $350 per participant.  Register for the  group by November 11th, 2019 and pay upfront—-save $50 ($300 for the group). We accept cash, personal check, or major credit cards. 

What the Heck is It?

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply a fancy way of saying “Be present” with experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment. We tend to spend a lot of time focusing our attention on things that have happened (this can lead to depression) and/or focusing on future events (this can lead to anxious feelings). No time or very little time is spent noticing what is going on inside us and around us in the present moment. It’s the old saying “stop and smell the roses” but on a grander scale. 

It sounds easy, and it certainly doesn’t require you to change any beliefs or learn any complicated techniques.  Mindfulness does, however, require some practice because most of us have gotten out of the habit of simply letting our curiosity explore the present–without judgment. 

For example I was out for a walk, seriously trying to tune into my surroundings, purposefully focusing my attention on things I could hear.  I suddenly heard a car with a very loud muffler, which brought my attention to a vehicle traveling well above the posted speed limit. My brain almost immediately  switched into judgment mode–that driver must think he is pretty special and must be in a hurry to do something pretty cool…..Yikes!  I even added a gender when I could not see a driver.  Beliefs from my past took over for the next few minutes, resulting in my face becoming flushed, my heart beat elevating, etc.  Not very healthy, right?  Plus I completely abandoned my mindful walk. 

It takes time to retrain our brains to not be so reactive and overwhelmed, especially about really irrelevant or innocuous things.  Had it been a lion or a shark that caught my attention, perhaps some extra attention would be warranted. Our brain often gets into the habit of seeing everything as lions and sharks.  The part of the brain that observes and thinks things through has been largely suspended, while the part of the brain responsible for kicking our body into “fight or flight” mode has been promoted to a supervisor status.  Thus, many of us experience a constant state of “lion and shark” arousal.  Mindfulness helps our brain switch gears and simply notice what is occurring and acknowledge that 99.999% of the time there are no lions or sharks, just cars that happen to make more noise than other cars. Ah…..mindfulness. 

Join MOE-FO Now!

Easy to learn and effective strategies to focus on the present, rather than getting stuck in thoughts of the pasts or future. Research has demonstrated that mindfulness can improve mood, sharpen your senses, and strengthen concentration. Call or email Cat City Psychotherapy Corp. and become a MOE-FO!  Register and pay by November 11th, 2019 and save $50 (you pay $300 for the entire 6 week group).