What's It Gonna Cost Me? And Why Don't You Accept Insurance?

Quick bottom line: I do not take insurance. Mainly because insurance companies require a diagnosis before they will pay for your treatment. That means your MH diagnosis becomes attached to your permanent medical file. When you apply for new health insurance, life insurance, and many types of jobs, they can require an authorization to release information to view your entire medical record. Including your mental health diagnosis. Out of pocket costs for mental health care even with insurance usually runs $20 to 50 a session (like a co-pay). Wouldn’t you rather keep something that is so often misunderstand by decision makers to just you and your therapist?  And you know how insurance does cover a lot of things considered preventative? A person wanting something similar in regards to their mental health is SOL.

Ultimately, I want myself and my client to be in charge of therapy, not an insurance company. Insurance companies must have access to the mental health diagnosis and type of treatment in order for them to decide whether they will cover the sessions and how many sessions a person will have covered. Many clients really do not meet all the necessary symptoms to reach the level of a diagnosis, but if you want insurance to cover treatment–you will be diagnosed. And that diagnosis stays with you and your medical chart. Personally I would rather not diagnose my clients with perhaps not the most ideal mental health disorder simply to meet the requirements of an insurance company.  There are also many life challenges that people confront, but an insurance company won’t cover it. I would rather meet my client at a reasonable fee that both of us can live with then spend time jumping through hoops to satisfy a corporation.  

I believe whether a client has improved should be decided by the client and therapist. I also believe that mental health care isn’t something afforded by higher income brackets. So while at this time I do not accept insurance plans (maybe down the road I will….), I do accept cash, check, and any credit cards that can be processed by Square. Square is an easy to use credit card processing system and most feature -rich free Point of Sale (POS) system on the market today.  Square works with any US-issued and most internationally issued mag stripe or chip cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay Logo. 

In-Office Pricing

In-Home/Concierge Pricing

Regular Session (50 min): $85

Regular Session (50 min): $95

Supersized Session (75 min): $95

Supersized Session (75 min): $105

Group Sessions (90 min): $60 per person per session

Consulting (i.e., phone calls) will be prorated at $1.70 a minute. The minutes accumulate over a week’s time, then returns to zero. The first 10 minutes are free.  You are welcome!

Yes, I do offer in-home sessions. It doesn’t seem to be done very much, probably due to logistical issues that arise from having to drive to a client’s home rather than staying in an office all day long. My main concern, and a concern that will be discussed with any clients who might want to take advantage of “house calls”, is the issue of privacy/confidentiality. Will the client be the only one home? If not, how will privacy be maintained? Regardless of how comfortable you feel in your own home, if a spouse or child is in ear’s reach, you will likely filter what you say in session.  

It can be a godsend for clients with physical or psychological concerns that might make travel to an office very difficult, so please ask about this option if you feel it would work better for you.